sed quick tips

    Posted by Rogério Carvalho Schneider
    28 Aug 2009

    A little collection of sed tips.

    The basic one, substitution

    You already know this one:

    sed -i 's/old text/new text/g' file.txt

    Deleting all lines containing an specific text

    sed -i -e '/this line will disapear/d' file.txt

    Deleting blank lines

    sed -i -e '/^$/d' file.txt

    Filtering text between delimiters

    All matching text into the first defined group “()” will be printed:

    curl -s -L | sed -n -e 's#.*\(http://.*\.\(js\|css\)\).*#\1#p'

    Printing only from a given line number to another

    Prints from line 20 to line 30:

    sed -n 20,30p file.txt

    More tips can be found here.

    Do you know some trick that is worth sharing? Please post it as a comment!

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