git branch in your shell prompt

    Posted by Rogério Carvalho Schneider
    31 Aug 2009

    Every time (every few minutes?) I was looking at my git versioned projects (all my projects?) I encounter myself in doubt:

    Am I at the branch I think I am?

    And there was I, issuing a “git branch” command to check it…

    That is enough! I said.

    Looking at the github guides I found this tip very interesting, so I decided to bettered it, and to publish as a tip here.

    It will show in your prompt which is your current branch, when your current work directory is a git initialized one.

    To use it, just place this line inside your ~/.bashrc or into /etc/profile.d/ or /etc/bashrc or even /etc/profile, the choice is yours:

    # git branch
    parse_git_branch() {
        git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/(\1) /'

    This will give you a prompt like this one:

    stockrt@jackbauer ~ $ cd Dropbox/stockrt/git/
    (master) stockrt@jackbauer ~/Dropbox/stockrt/git/ $

    Here you can see a “normal” prompt and then, when I enter one of my git versioned directories, a “git branchned” prompt.

    Way cool.

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